Friday, May 25, 2012

tied up with string: artist

yep, my friends, it is time for my first ever favorite things post!  i included the exclamation point because i am excited to write it and i am trying to instill excitement in you to read it.  so make me feel as if my time has not been put to waste and GET EXCITED!  this "tied up with string" post will just focus on one favorite thing - but such an incredible thing!


i know this ultra-cool artist here in richmond.  abernathy bland recently had an art show at which doug and i purchased several prints.  we purchased them for a playroom, but her prints are adult and child friendly!  i LOVE her whimsical style, as well as the nuggets of wisdom her art portrays.  i think, though, that i most love how abby's art encourages me to be me and to celebrate the quirkiness of me!  oh, yes, and adventure - she definitely encourages adventure!  as if all of this wasn't awesome enough, she writes a blog, as well (seriously, the chick can do it all!).  just the title of her blog makes you want to read it!  so, people, visit her blog at Riding Bareback Beside a Train.  If you want to see all of her work, go here - - and buy something!  :)  Below are some of my favorites!

this is one of the ones i purchased for a playroom or for mia's room.  also, shhhhhh, i am going to get one in card format to send to my twin sister.  corrie, act surprised when you get it!  :)

this is one that i plan on purchasing in the future when i have a little corner all to myself for photography, crafts, etc.  i think it is hilarious!

i sooooooo want to get this print one day.  this is called "dream big. dream embarrassing big." 


how funny is this piece?
i am having a very difficult time making myself stop posting pictures of her work, because i love it so much and it is so hard to pick just one thing, but i hope that i have convinced you to visit her blog and website.  amazing could be hanging in your house very soon!  to wrap up this post, i have to tell you about a recent project abby completed.  we are mutual friends with a couple who just had a baby.  before their little bundle arrived, they hired abby to paint a mural in his nursery.  so, two pictures below of the elephant in the room and then two pictures of mia at the art show!

mia loving one of her new pieces of art and posing with "aunt becca" and abby.

after you visit abby's online store, come back here and leave a comment telling me which of her creations is your favorite! 

Monday, May 14, 2012

things i may...or may not...have done as a mom

being a mommy is tricky business.  you start out thinking of all the things you will or will not do as a mommy.  then, you become a mommy.  any honest mom will admit that it is a humbling business.  so, there you have it - tricky and humbling.

i started out with high hopes.  pre-child, these high hopes were MOST DEFINITELIES (this is a carmen-ism.  not actually a real word.  do not use in any official capacity), or MOST DEFINITELY NOTS.  

most DEFINITELY NOT #1 - mia shall not watch tv.  actually, we did really well with this one until recently.  recently, she has started waking up at night occasionally and being so upset she can't settle back down.  so, a few times, she simply gets to watch what mommy and daddy are watching.  in the past few weeks, this has been The Voice.  mia LOVES the voice.  when the judges are talking or it is a contestant interview, she gets quite antsy and the beginning of the fuss starts to show itself again.  as soon as the singing starts, however, she is glued to the tv.  she loves singing.  and The Voice.  and tv - apparently.

MOST DEFINITELY #1 - all of mia's food shall be home-made.  in my defense, i do make most of her food and it is healthy food.  every now and then, though, i mess up.  in colorado, i fed her a grilled cheese sandwich that we got at a restaurant (really, carmen?  greasy - duh).  i fed it to her on the train on the way up to pike's peak.  at the top of pike's peak, you have to eat the world-famous donuts.  she did.  that night was not a good night.  between the grilled cheese and the donut, her tummy was not happy.
also, we discovered crackers and cheerios.  you may be better than me and make your own crackers and cheerios...i don't.

MOST DEFINITELY NOT #2 - mia shall not eat sugar.  her first birthday - nuf said.

she got to eat two at her party.  and one the night before on her actual birthday. and ice cream. both days.

MOST DEFINITELY #2 - mia shall never have the opportunity to get to rooney's food.  yeah, right.

her taste preferences also run towards rocks, sticks, leaves, and my personal favorite - caterpillars.

these are only a couple of the MOST DEFINITELIES and MOST DEFINITELY NOTS, there are many more; but every mom needs a few secrets, right?

also, i may...or may not...have used used tweezers to get some especially stuck and stubborn boogers from my child's nose.