Tuesday, May 27, 2014

we got it

we henigins, we're an interesting lot...from the biggest to the smallest.  we are nerds.  we might deny it.  we might try to hide it from the outside world.  well, until i decide to proudly claim it on a blog.  let me give some examples.

1).  we wear socks with our keens.  in my defense, i do only do that when camping.  doug, however, might be caught at anytime and anywhere, in them.

2).  we wear sunglasses when its pouring rain outside cuz that's just the way we roll.

3). we wear headbands.

4).  we set up redneck water parks in our driveway

5).  we watch cartoons while wearing a watering can on our head.

6).  we take selfies while pretending to be asleep...well, at least the one with the camera is pretending!

7).  when we do sleep, we sleep...interesting.

8).  we wear the dog's muzzle when we can.

9).  and, most importantly, we are ready for the inevitable alien invasion.

you can't be taught this kind of cool, people.  you've either got it or you don't.  and the henigins?  yeah, we got it.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

biographies, cynicism, fantasies and a surprise ending

let's pretend i'm a consistent blogger and it is normal to find random blog posts about library books on this site. 

i actually got to go to the library by myself today, which means i actually got to visit the adult section.  a rarity when you have a toddler. 

my sister (corrie) had given me several recommendations of non-fiction and biography books to try out.  somehow, she always manages to find really interesting ones so i typically tap into that book source when i need suggestions.  as luck would have it, my library didn't have any of them. first, i wandered down the non-fiction area.  without a recommendation that's like looking for a needle in the haystack.  plus, sometimes i just have to have a break from my obsession with the Holocaust, survivor stories and genocides (macabre, i know). so, i started wandering down the biography section.

biography section:  (1) full of books of many, many, many, many people
                                  (2)  full of multiple books by multiple authors on the same people

cynical thought #1 while browsing:  it is amazing how many people that i could care less about have books written about them that i can't even feign an interest in (how'd you like that use of that book word, doug?)

cynical thought #2 while browsing:  well, i probably wouldn't read a book about my life, either

so, after my pointless wandering and wondering in the biographies section, i went to the fiction section.  i like fiction.  typically i like historical fiction, but over the last few years I've gotten into fantasy, as well.  it's fun to escape into a world that doesn't look anything like ours.  i mean, who wouldn't ride a dragon if they had the opportunity?  that's just a no-brainer.  the problem is that sometimes i want to feel smart and as though i'm actually learning something.  but, until corrie and my library can sit down and have a discussion about what books the library should stock, i guess i'm stuck riding dragons.

and let's be honest about books in general... reading anything after A Tale of Two Cities is just a disappointment, anyway.

surprise ending: it is probably one of the last times i'll be in the library alone or be able to read for awhile anyway.  there will be a Henigin again on October 6th!