Thursday, August 23, 2012

Gardening and Growing

we planted a garden!  and by planted, i mean transplanted starter plants.  and by garden, i mean pots and window boxes.  you see, we need this garden to be moveable, because...

that's right!  our house sold - bittersweet b/c of all of the memories, but we are excited!  so, back to the garden - we have wanted to plant a garden for awhile, but our backyard is not conducive to an in-ground garden b/c we can't get full sun.


 this year, doug had this idea  >>>>>>>

since i am feeling a bit better with the nerve medication i am on, we decided to tackle the project.

we planted spinach, peas, cauliflower, 3 different types of lettuce, kale, parsley, oregano, cilantro, thyme, rosemeary and basil, with green onions to come.



i had a little helper. and by helper i mean a little person who liked to throw the soil out of the pot as soon as i put it in.  she also liked killing the spinach. it was mia's first real experience digging in the soil.  she had her bucket and shovel and absolutely loved it!  as a warning, i am one of those moms that thinks that if my one year old's knees and feet are dirty, that i must be doing something right!  so, if you are opposed to dirt and cringe when a kid's outfit gets ruined- read no further! 

she started the afternoon like this...

she ended the afternoon like this...

 the in-between went something like this...

buckets, shovels and rakes, oh my!


        helping mommy

don't let the face fool you...
               she kept returning for water hose sprays!

and, finally, i hear soil taste testers are in high demand these days!