Wednesday, March 26, 2014

biographies, cynicism, fantasies and a surprise ending

let's pretend i'm a consistent blogger and it is normal to find random blog posts about library books on this site. 

i actually got to go to the library by myself today, which means i actually got to visit the adult section.  a rarity when you have a toddler. 

my sister (corrie) had given me several recommendations of non-fiction and biography books to try out.  somehow, she always manages to find really interesting ones so i typically tap into that book source when i need suggestions.  as luck would have it, my library didn't have any of them. first, i wandered down the non-fiction area.  without a recommendation that's like looking for a needle in the haystack.  plus, sometimes i just have to have a break from my obsession with the Holocaust, survivor stories and genocides (macabre, i know). so, i started wandering down the biography section.

biography section:  (1) full of books of many, many, many, many people
                                  (2)  full of multiple books by multiple authors on the same people

cynical thought #1 while browsing:  it is amazing how many people that i could care less about have books written about them that i can't even feign an interest in (how'd you like that use of that book word, doug?)

cynical thought #2 while browsing:  well, i probably wouldn't read a book about my life, either

so, after my pointless wandering and wondering in the biographies section, i went to the fiction section.  i like fiction.  typically i like historical fiction, but over the last few years I've gotten into fantasy, as well.  it's fun to escape into a world that doesn't look anything like ours.  i mean, who wouldn't ride a dragon if they had the opportunity?  that's just a no-brainer.  the problem is that sometimes i want to feel smart and as though i'm actually learning something.  but, until corrie and my library can sit down and have a discussion about what books the library should stock, i guess i'm stuck riding dragons.

and let's be honest about books in general... reading anything after A Tale of Two Cities is just a disappointment, anyway.

surprise ending: it is probably one of the last times i'll be in the library alone or be able to read for awhile anyway.  there will be a Henigin again on October 6th!


  1. Yea!!! Another Henigin is lots better than any book!!! Love, Mom

  2. The Hendersons are super excited about your surprise ending!!! Congrats!!!