Tuesday, May 27, 2014

we got it

we henigins, we're an interesting lot...from the biggest to the smallest.  we are nerds.  we might deny it.  we might try to hide it from the outside world.  well, until i decide to proudly claim it on a blog.  let me give some examples.

1).  we wear socks with our keens.  in my defense, i do only do that when camping.  doug, however, might be caught at anytime and anywhere, in them.

2).  we wear sunglasses when its pouring rain outside cuz that's just the way we roll.

3). we wear headbands.

4).  we set up redneck water parks in our driveway

5).  we watch cartoons while wearing a watering can on our head.

6).  we take selfies while pretending to be asleep...well, at least the one with the camera is pretending!

7).  when we do sleep, we sleep...interesting.

8).  we wear the dog's muzzle when we can.

9).  and, most importantly, we are ready for the inevitable alien invasion.

you can't be taught this kind of cool, people.  you've either got it or you don't.  and the henigins?  yeah, we got it.