Friday, February 3, 2012

things no one told me

-poop can, indeed, land on the wall...6 inches from the ceiling

-no matter how much sleep at a time you get, you will still be tired

-your social life...your what?

-you can never, ever again watch movies/tv shows in which a child is in danger 

-every day has moments of pure joy

-your heart is always a puddle, because her smiles melt it

-you suddenly like pink

-you never knew you could love such a little thing so very much

 i love being mia's mommy!  on days when *&^%$ happens, you just laugh...hysterically...and clean it off the walls!


  1. Hey sweetie - marking your blog as a favorite now. Will miss you on FB though :(

  2. So cute. And my that's a good looking painting :P

  3. Absolutely adorable, sweetheart. And yes... that IS a good looking painting. - Mom

    1. that is your good-looking painting, corrie. don't forget to mention the good-looking kid, though! haha!