Wednesday, March 4, 2009


so, i am going to attempt, again, to write a blog. my sisters are great writers. my older sister used to write a blog that was terrific. my twin sister now writes a blog that is also great. so, if you're looking for terrific writing. go there. if you want spiritual truths and to follow a girl's relationship with God, find corrie's blog. it is very inspiring and deep and i am encouraged every time i read it. don't hold your breath for that kinda thing on this blog.

  • i am too lazy to spend a lot of time on a blog
  • i am procrastinating now, actually
  • i really do usually think i'm great
  • the previous bullet typically gets in the way of my living life
  • i really do have dreams of being a hero. i'm usually rescuing corrie - who is the stronger and braver of the two of us.
  • this blog might make you uncomfortable b/c i tend to be too honest. strangely, i feel very secure in your uncomfortableness.
so, i'll give this a shot and your welcome to read or not!

oh, look...i am a poet, and you, sir, did not even know it.

that last was a shout-out to corrie!


  1. Girl, I'm so happy to see a blog from you! I appreciate anyone who will chronicle her life journey without worry over what people might think, so I look forward to reading all that's to come! Your snowman story is priceless! Ha ha ha!!


  2. You crack me up, little sister. And nowadays, it takes alot to make me laugh. :) I look forward to reading and chuckling over your ramblings. Love and miss you.