Wednesday, March 4, 2009

yellow snow

we actually had snow in richmond. not just a little, believe it or not. 9" at our house. woohoo! we took rooney to the dog park to play. the mutt is crazy about snow. we get there and someone had built a huge snowman. the entire bottom of the snowman was yellow. as doug pointed this out, rooney proceeded to pee on one side of the snowman, take a break, walk to another side and pee again. it was the greatest snowman i've ever seen. i've never laughed so hard at a snowman before, and don't expect i ever will again.

i love dogs. they don't care whose watching or what you're thinking. if they need to do their business, by golly, they're going to do it. furthermore, i bet that was a very satisfying experience in my pup's life. i mean, how often will he get to pee on a snowman? in fact, sometimes in life we need to just let loose and not care who is watching or what they think.

so, go ahead...pee on a snowman today.


  1. You absolutely make me laugh!! Looking for a snowman today.....:)

  2. great! i found one. natalie was trying to teach me how to ribstick!