Thursday, March 26, 2009

shrunken dreams

one of my kids at the school has decided that i'm a miniature pony. though she says "miniature horse." i'm always carrying a nalgene water bottle, so she has decided that i drink gallons of water just like a horse. that was great, because i started out as a full-sized horse. there is something dignified about horses. i love them. they are beautiful, fast and graceful. have you ever seen a horse at full gallop? i have to tell you, the television makes it looks pretty unbelievable. alas, almost immediately my lovely little student decided that i was far too short to be a horse. i could only be a miniature horse.

and just like that i was relegated to being a dumpy little thing who just stands around and looks cute. okay, i'm not knocking the cute thing - i don't so much mind that. but, have you ever seen a miniature pony run? i have, and not just on television. they aren't graceful. they try to be, but, i mean, seriously...the girth usually far outspans the leg length. and those legs are pumping for all they are worth and just not getting very far very fast. i wouldn't call it a pretty sight. it's rather like a 30 lb. housecat trying to catch up to a sleek lion, or one of Snow White's dwarves (we'll call him Dumpy) trying to outrun the prince. well, now i digress, but you get my point.

it's a bit sad. my dreams of graceful grandeur being knocked to the level of dumpy, awkward exertion. it is even more disconcerting when you consider that i am supposed to run a 10k this weekend. arms and legs pumping (possibly flailing), i can only hope my miniature horse self can make it over the finish line. kudos to all of us "dumpys" out there.


  1. ....makin' me smile :) good luck on the 10k

  2. I'm no expert, but weren't the dwarves friends with Snow White and the Prince? If so, why would they run from him?

    I love you my little water bottle-toting wife. I'll still love you next month when there is a new water bottle in the picture :)

  3. Ahhh cousin! I love your blogging style! Hope all is well with you! Love you!

  4. YEA!!! You flailed your way across that finish line, little sister! I'm so proud of you!! Onwards and upwards to the half-marathons of the world. :) Dan had a great time with you guys and really enjoyed hanging out with you. Speaking of water bottles...I just got in trouble tonight because Dan noticed my cute, new little water bottle (the kind that's not plastic and doesn't give you cancer) and wanted to know what I'd spent on it. Sigh. We're saving for a house right now, you know. I didn't get taken to dinner in lieu of my $21 REI water bottle. It was the cutest one in the yoga class though. :) One should either not take out a new water bottle from one's oversized purse for a hydrating swig in front of one's husband unless one of the following is true: 1. You've already gone to dinner and thus you have both a date and cute beverage bottle. 2. The water bottle is at least a week old and thus can honestly be claimed as "not new." 3. You've already purchased the house and therefore there is no longer a need to discuss the purchase of water bottles. :D