Monday, May 3, 2010

it has been almost a

i can't believe (that's a lie, i can) that i haven't written a blog in almost a year. by almost a year, i mean a year. i think i'm a week short. wow! my friend jay knows me too well. he started laughing when i said i was going to write a blog. sigh.

it has been a crazy year. i finished student teaching in december. during that, i had hernia surgery, an emergency room visit, and multiple doctor visits. right after finishing (as in the day of), i was in the emergency room b/c i couldn't walk 6 weeks after the surgery b/c of nerve issues, so i had a second surgery to relieve pressure on the nerve. the next day, doug and i flew to texas for christmas with my family. hmmmmmmm....can we say, just a little painful? it was worth it, though, and, since hell has not yet frozen over, there was no way i wasn't going to go. well, after a long recovery time (which is still going on as i deal with pain on a daily basis), normal life has, more-or-less, resumed. i am teaching kindergarten as a long-term substitute and loving it. doug and i are remodeling the kitchen. in fact, i spent the weekend climbing up a ladder and in and out of a window to get into my house. that part - not fun. we are also going to aruba in june just to celebrate the fact that i am 98% recovered. :)

so, that is the catch-up for you. now for the actual blog...which is of nothing important and completely random mind wanderings. let's start with church. i was totally not focused this sunday. it is hard to focus when allergies/sinuses are about to make your head explode. then you begin to wonder what that might actually look like. not pretty, let me tell you. then, i think of something that must just absolutely be said to my husband or my sister (who was visiting and will be spending summer with me b/c she found a job!), or the friend behind me. so, of course, i tell them. then, the pastor says something that i think doug should be paying particular attention to, so i jab him in the ribs. yes, i jab him in the ribs. any other good wife would do the same. don't judge me. :p then, well, i need a pen, b/c i'm starting to feel bad about whispering. i can't find one. doug tries to help. he can't find one. caylen finally gets me one. so i write notes to both of them that have nothing to do with the sermon (though i'm sure i could have come up with something convicting and meaningful had a i really tried). and, yes, caylen (sister) plans on going with my boys and i on pony pasture trips this summer, just so you know. all of this being said, i didn't hear much of the sermon. this is where i trust that the Lord just allowed what needed to stick to stick, b/c i wasn't helping Him out at all. i'm glad He's in charge and i'm not. i'd hate to think that He was envisioning what allergy-exploded heads would look like.

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